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The new consumer law says that customers will be able to return any product they are not satisfied with without having to give any explanation, and get their money back. That is, if this law ever gets approved.

In regards with the consumer protection policies, Croatia is pretty much in sync with the rest of Europe, but during the process of screening held in Bruxelles in July, it was established that the problem is not the law itself, it is in its adherence.

Therefore, the work for strengthening of organizations that oversee the adherence to these laws, says Slobodna Dalmacija, will begin before the negotiations for Croatia's entrance to the EU take place.

None of the new 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004. requested a transitional period for this segment. Croatia will follow the example.

The new consumer law is expected to be passed by the end of 2007. It will help to better arrange the relationship between consumers and public service, such as payments for the utilities costs.

But, more interesting are the portions of the law that enable Croatian citizens to return any product they are not satisfied with without giving an explanation within the time span of 8 days.

This will continue to serve as a formal legal right unless more significant changes start to happen - an increase within the consumer activities and public pressure on sales people. As various consumer protection organizations have pointed out, the consumers have lost their faith in the system because of the repeated bad experiences.

So, the new law, by providing more rights and protection, could encourage consumers to become more active, and to insist on their rights.

The new changes will be felt the most with tourist agencies as the new law will change the existing tourist packages by establishing precise rules and consumer rights, which was, until now, covered by Tourism Law, says Slobodna Dalmacija.

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