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Founded in Zagreb, Croatia as a telecommunications company, Nextel starts operating in 2003. In 2005, as a part of a wide spectrum of its operations, it starts providing Mystery Shopping services as well.

Mystery Shopping is a research technique used for a number of years by a wide range of business, government, and other organizations. Its purpose is to help those organizations measure and improve the standards of service they offer to their clients or customers, by comparing their achieved results against the company goals and against the standards set by their competitors and other organizations.

This approach includes specially trained individuals who observe and evaluate the level of customer service. These evaluators, or Mystery Shoppers, pose as real or potential customers, and register information about their mystery shops in detail, though the use of questionnaires and/or narrative reports.

Information gathered through Mystery Shopping can be used as a preparation for employee training; as an insurance policy – early discovery of certain issues such as discrimination, not following rules and regulations, etc. In the field of marketing, Mystery Shopping can check if employees use every opportunity to increase sales; whether the promotional material is available, accurate, and updated; whether employees follow promotional activities (availability of certain products, signage, displays), etc.

Mystery Shopping is, indeed, a very useful program that can also be used in order to understand what the competition is doing to satisfy the needs of their customers, and to see what services they offer. It is also possible to conduct mystery telephone calls to evaluate the level of service in the company or with the competition.

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